About us

After hosting many parties for our three kids, we realized that there were not many options for celebrating childrenʼs parties, so we decided to look for a new and exciting way to celebrate these special events and created Game Zone Party.

Game Zone Party is a mobile video game theater that features 5 huge HDTV's connected with XBOX 360s (with kinnect), PS3 and Wiis, with room for up to 20 players at one time. Best of all, we come right up to your door. All of our events are hosted by two Game Coaches who will bring all of your participants together for the best and ultimate party experience. And because we thought this couldnʼt be enough, Game Zone Party also includes an amazing Outdoor Laser Tag and Giant Hamster Balls!

So Sit back and relax. Everything is taken care of when you call Game Zone Party for your next event.

"We are very excited about our new business, bringing the fun and the entertainment to your next event and just leaving behind tons of smiles and memories that will last forever"


Erik & Natalia Sotomayor