Mobile Game Theater


Game Zone Mobile Video Game Theater is the ultimate video game party on wheels!

Game Zone Party van will park right in front of your house, at a park, school or anywhere you want to have fun! Within seconds of pulling up, our state-of-the-art unit  opens up to an amazing Video Game Theater featuring inside three (3) 42” LCD HDTV’s, rumbling seats that respond to the effects of the games, surround speakers and special effect lighting to make this The Ultimate Interactive Party Experience. All the systems are linked in order to provide multiplayer gaming as in Halo, Call Of Duty and many more!

Outside windows open to access two (2) more 42” LCD HDTV’s under an electric awning equipped with Wii systems, an Xbox 360 with Kinnect and surround speakers for you to enjoy games like Guitar Hero, Karaoke, Just Dance or Kinnect Adventures.

Our Mobile Theater is equipped to entertain up to 20 guests at one time. Our cool atmospheres will captive players of all ages. The entire party is being hosted by experienced Game Coaches who love games, fun and kids! They create the excitement, bring everyone together and keep the party going!

We create the fun and you enjoy the party!!

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